Fostering the Gamification & Engagement Industries

What is Gamification

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in non-gaming contexts to engage users and to solve problems. Gamification leverages game design, loyalty program design and behavioral economics to create the optimal context for behavior change and successful outcomes.

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Gamification in :60 Seconds:


Understanding Gamification


Gamification Industry Statistics:


“By 2108, the Global Gamification Market will reach $5.5Bn” – Markets & Markets


“The size of the gamification market, currently estimated at around $100mm, will grow to more than $2.8b by 2016.” — M2Research

“Top gamification vendors are projecting 197% growth in 2012, up from 155% in 2011.” — M2Research



“By 2014…more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application, driving 50% of all innovation ” — Gartner


Notable Gamification Quotes:

“Gamification allows consumers to have fun, get useful information & encourages them to share it with their friends.”
–  Joe Rork, UX Engineer – MyFord Mobile at Ford Motors

“Gamification means engaging our audience on an exciting new platform. It’s the perfect way to keep our iconic brand front and center without the use of nudity.”
– Steve Gilberg, Director, Playboy Digital Ventures at Playboy

“At Aetna we think gamification has the potential to help people improve their health by making it fun, rewarding and engaging.”
– Dan Brostek, Head of Member and Consumer Engagement at Aetna

“Gamification is ultimately not about buzzwords and mechanics, but better and more meaningful experiences.”
– Esteban Contreras Social Media Manager at Samsung USA

“Gamification unlocks a new category of incentives for organizations to use in encouraging and celebrating preferred employee behaviors.”
Richie Etwaru, Director of Social Enterprise at UBS


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