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Level 2 (Expert) Certification

Welcome Level 2 (Expert) Certification Students.

If you’ve successfully Completed the Udemy Gamification Level 2 Course, you can sign up here to receive your official Engagement Alliance Gamification Certification at Level Two. This certification includes:

  1. A graphic you can display on your website/Linkedin profile letting everyone know you have completed the basic knowledge requirements for gamified design
  2. Access to private discussion groups where you can share insights and opportunities with others around the world
  3. Discounts to GSummit, Workshops and other industry events
  4. Opportunity to complete your Master and Visionary levels of certification


To earn your certification:

  1. You must have completed Level 1 (Basic) Certification first. 
  2. Take a screenshot of your successful completion email and certification showing your name and serial number
  3. Complete your final assignment, upload that to slideshare, tweet it and obtain the slideshare URL

We will verify your completion of the course, and notify you as soon as that process is completed. Your certification will be valid for a maximum of two years.

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