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Displaying Your Certification

Once granted, you can use your certification anywhere you like, providing that you are in good standing and link somewhere to This includes your blog (make the cert clickable), Linkedin, your business cards, resume, etc. After attaining your certification, you should have received a link to obtain graphics. Follow those instructions and use the graphics or text as needed.


To add certifications to Linkedin, do the following:

Click on your profile image in the upper right to go to your profile.
Click on the EDIT button below your profile picture in the center of the screen.
Now, look for this block of buttons on the right of your image/name (“Recommended for You”):

Linkedin recommended for you







Click the PLUS symbol beside Certifications to add them to your profile
Complete the information, including expiry date
Click Save and your profile is updated.
You can now move the certification block up or down with the little arrow button by dragging it, and put it where you’d like on your profile.


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